McLaren Park, San Francisco home invasion with gun

San Francisco family robbed at gunpoint inside their home

A lifelong San Franciscan family living in the McLaren Park area was robbed at gunpoint inside their home on Friday evening, reports ABC 7 News. Surveillance video caught the father washing his car on the street when a masked man with a gun ran upon him. The gunman forced the father inside his home through the open garage and soon another masked man followed.

The victim who’s in his 40s told Lim that his wife and two daughters were inside and the assailants forced them inside the bathroom while the two men ransacked their home.

“They took me up to my house where my family was put us all into the bathroom,” the father said. “…they said ‘where’s the money, where’s the money?'”

The family gave up their possessions and they believe that’s what kept them alive. The father suffered bruising on his face after one of the suspects pushed his head onto a wall.

“They just pushed my face into the wall to make me realize this is a real situation,” he said.

The two suspects stole thousands of dollars and jewelry then ran out the front door.

The family does not want to be identified but wanted to share their story to warn others to keep safe. The family went so far as going door to door a day after the robbery to warn all their neighbors of the incident.

“I love the city, but the city is changing,” the father said. “Be careful. Be vigilant, if you have to wash your cars, do it with a neighbor.”

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