dwayne grayson
San Francisco Police Department

San Francisco DA drops charges against one of the defendants in elderly Asian man attack

Charges against one of the defendants in the San Francisco elderly Asian man attack has been withdrawn on Monday. San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin dropped the charges against 20-year-old Dwayne Grayson, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Grayson was originally charged with robbery, elder abuse with a hate crime enhancement, and parole violation. The DA will instead apply a “restorative justice” measure which seeks to rehabilitate defendants by reconciling them with their victims in lieu of punishment.

Alex Bastian, a spokesperson for the DA said that Boudin came to the decision after speaking with the victim.

“We’ve been in conversations with the victim who expressed interest in a restorative justice outcome in this case,” Alex Bastian said. “Specifically against the young person who videoed the incident. We respect the victims and their desires, and we will explore a restorative justice outcome.”

Video of an elderly Asian man being taunted after he was robbed of his recyclables surfaced last week to the outrage of many. In the video, the Asian man is seen crying as one man attacks and steals his recyclables as a crowd watches on.

“I hate Asians n***as,” one can be heard saying.


Police said Dwayne Grayson was the one that recorded the incident and posted it on social media.

The victim has been identified but remains unnamed. He is originally a man from China who moved to San Francisco around 6 years ago. He’s in his 70s and collects cans to take care of his family.

Police arrested the second suspect in the case after he turned himself in on Sunday. 56-year-old Jonathan Amerson was charged with 2 counts of robbery and 2 counts of elder abuse. The second charges stem from Amerson allegedly robbing the same Asian man of his recyclables around two months ago.

jonathan amerson
San Francisco Police Department

The DA has not dropped the charges against Amerson. The DA’s office said if “restorative justice” does not work, they will seek to charge Grayson.

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