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Racist anti-Asian letter sent to grieving family

An Asian family in Seal Beach, California received a nasty racist letter after one of their family members passed away. After Claudia Choi’s father, Byong passed away someone mailed her mother a hateful anti-Asian letter postmarked on the day of his funeral, reports CBS Los Angeles News.

“To target a grieving widow, it’s disgusting,” Choi said.

The handwritten letter said, “Now that Byong is gone, it’s one less Asian we have to put up with in Leisure World, you fricken Asians are taking over our American community! It is not resting well with all and everybody who live here – true statement!!! Watch out! Pack your bags and go back to your country where you belong!”

Claudia’s parents live in a 55+ year community center called Leisure World. She believes the letter was written by one of the community’s members.

“They postmarked it on the day of my father’s funeral,” Choi said. “How cruel could you be? Shame on them.”

Claudia Choi reported the letter to the police, FBI, and Leisure World.

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