natsuko kurihara, troy harvey, and Koah

Queensland father believed to have murdered 4-year-old son before committing suicide

Tragedy has rocked a small community in Queensland, Australia after a father and his 4-year-old son were found dead. The bodies of Troy Harvey, 46, and his son Koah were found in their Rossville Home on September 4th just before 10 am, reports Yahoo. Although the cause of death has not been revealed, investigators believe the incident was a murder-suicide. The mother of the young boy, Natsuko Kurihara was not home at the time. She posted a heartfelt message on her Facebook page over losing her son.

Troy Harvey

“My beautiful boy Koah, he has had only four years of life,” she wrote. “This has been taken by his father. He then took his own life. I’m in pain life is not fair. Let the people know you love them as they can be taken from you. I’m so sorry Koah I couldn’t save you. Love you forever.”

Facebook: Troy Harvey and Natsuko Kurihara
Facebook: Troy Harvey and Natsuko Kurihara

About a month before the incident, Harvey wrote on Facebook about his issues with alcohol and drugs. Additionally, he wrote that he had a “full nervous breakdown.”

“I am so sorry to all the people I have hurt or let down over the years due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse,” he wrote. “I am seeking help, so come down get fit, let’s support those with mental health issued, past traumas or anything else that seems to pull us down and feel like nowhere to run to.”

Police arrived at Harvey’s home after a 36-year-old woman told police she had been assaulted by Harvey, reports the Daily Mail. Police found the bodies and they said they worked on saving the boy “for a significant period of time.”

Investigators said, “We’re treating it seriously and looking at all possibilities. We’ll have a total of eight detectives and we’re seeking to speak to anyone who had any information about the family.”

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