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Pro kickboxer kills college student in kickboxing match in China

A 22-year-old college student has passed away from injuries sustained from a kickboxing match in China. Ming Jixian was put up against pro kickboxer 19-year-old Wang Haoran after only one month of training, reports Shanghaiist. Jixian was promised only 240 yuan ($34) as an appearance fee. However, Jixian was in need of some cash because he was from a rural farming family so he accepted the challenge.

The fight took place on November 30 in Chengdu, China. Wang Haoran was a pro kickboxer with an 11-0 record which included three knockouts. Jixian, on the other hand, was given only one month to train for the fight. The fight, unsurprisingly, only lasted 35 seconds.

In the fight captured on video, Wang and Jixian exchange kicks before Wang gets serious. Wang unleashes several punches and kicks which send Jixian crashing to the ground.

Ming Jixian was taken to the Chengdu hospital where he was in a coma. For several weeks doctors treated him but he passed away on Friday.

Jixian’s family has been overwhelmed by the loss of their son. His hospital bill came out to $28,500 and the family has taken online for help in paying it. The organization that put on the event paid the family $11,400 but the family plans to sue. They are demanding an autopsy to gather more information about their son’s death.

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