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President Donald Trump slammed for calling coronavirus, “Chinese Virus”

It looks like President Donald Trump can’t seem to take responsibility for his botched response to the coronavirus and now he’s doing what he does best, which is to blame others for his shortcomings. President Trump went on Twitter and called the coronavirus, the “Chinese Virus” much to the disapproval of many.

“The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus,” he tweeted. “We will be stronger than ever before!”

The World Health Organization and the CDC have warned of using ethnic or geographic names to refer to the disease. This comes after violence and xenophobia against Asian-Americans have spiked during the outbreak.

“We need to rename Covid-19,” George Takei tweeted. “Trump likes to call it the Chinese Virus. Huh. How about Covid-45?”

“Labeling the pandemic as the “Chinese Virus” is racist, but it also certifies what matters to Trump and his party,” Jamil Smith, a senior writer for Rolling Stone tweeted. “Using cultural division to stir up voters who might otherwise oppose their plutocratic agenda, if the privilege of whiteness in America wasn’t so damn intoxication.”

Actress Lauren Tsai tweeted, ‘”Chinese virus” … The ignorance and hate you spread will bring nothing but destruction to a country that needs desperately to come together. Stay Strong everyone :/’

Of course, there were people on Trump’s side but they’re pretty much loser forever Trumpers.

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