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Police arrest woman accused of assaulting 2 Asian women with hammer in Hell’s Kitchen, New York

The NYPD arrested a woman suspected of attacking two Asian women with a hammer in Midtown, Manhattan earlier this month. According to CBS News New York, authorities arrested 37-year-old Ebony Jackson on Wednesday. A surveillance camera caught the incident on tape.

The incident occurred on West 42nd St near ninth Avenue around 8:45 pm in Hell’s Kitchen. Two Asian women were walking when the suspect allegedly told them to “take off your mask.” When the women didn’t, Jackson allegedly attacked the women with a hammer.

One of the women was struck in the head with the hammer and was taken to NYU Langone Health where she was treated for a deep gash on her forehead needing seven sititches.

The victim recently came back from Taiwan where she was staying during COVID to look for a job. Before she flew back to New York, her mother warned her of the anti-Asian hate crimes occurring and told her to be careful. Now, she said she’s headed back to Taiwan for the time being.

Authorities charged Ebony Jackson with assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.

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