three suspects attacking and robbing asian man in san francisco chinatown laundromat
ABC 7 News

Police arrest three men who allegedly beat and robbed Asian man in San Francisco’s Chinatown laundromat

San Francisco police announced they arrested three men in connection to an assault and robbery of an older Asian man at a Chinatown laundromat on February 23rd. According to ABC 7 News, police arrested 19-year-old Calvin Bershcell, 19-year-old Jason Orozco, and 19-year-old Nolowde Beshears. A surveillance camera caught the violent robbery unfold.

The incident occurred on February 23rd around 10 pm at a laundromat on the Nob Hill/Chinatown border. The 67-year-old Asian elder was seated inside when three men walked in and started to assault him. One man kicked him before the others dragged the victim to the ground where they rifled through his pockets. The three suspects took off with several hundred dollars.

Police said the the three suspects were taken into custody without incident and that evidence related to the crime was seized.

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