Uber driver Dong Huang and a passenger

Passenger gets naked, touches himself next to Uber driver

A San Franciso rideshare driver got the surprise of his life when he picked up a passenger on Wednesday. 64-year-old Dong Huang picked up an Uber passenger near Stonestown shopping center around 2:45 am when the incident happened, reports KTVU. The passenger stripped off his clothes in the backseat before jumping into the passenger seat and began touching himself. Dashcam video recorded the incident.

Huang’s daughter, Ion told KTVU, “He started changing in the backseat and then he ended up just undressing himself,” she said. “And then he climbed to the front, to the front passenger seat and he started basically touching himself.

Uber driver Dong Huang and a passenger

The Korean-American driver took the passenger to his destination because he feared repercussions from Uber for canceling the ride. Additionally, Huang did not want to anger the passenger and escalate the tension so he smiled to keep things calm.

“I’m smiling because if I’m angry, he’s more angry,” Huang said.

This isn’t the first time, Huang had problems with a passenger. Less than a month ago, while working for Lyft, he was assaulted by a female passenger. When the women started to throw up on the side of the car, he got out to take pictures for evidence. That’s when the passenger started to assault him by punching him in the head.

“Oftentimes in the media, people are only focused on the passenger safety,” Ion said. “They got to realize the drivers here are the same people as the passengers are.”

Uber and Lyft told KTVU that both passengers were banned from using their service.

Huang said that he likes his job and will continue to work for Uber and Lyft. He carries around 30 passengers a day to make a living.

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