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Overwatch player calls out fans for racism against Korean teammates

United Kingdom Overwatch professional player Harrison “Kruise” Pond called his toxic fans out for racism against his Korean teammates. His team, the “Paris Eternal” recently signed three Korean players after their lackluster season, reports Dexerto.

“If you’re going to be racist or hate on Koreans for being on a western team then you’re not someone I want associated with me as a fan or as anything, that’s horrible,” Pond tweeted. “If you’re a true fan you wouldn’t hate on our teammates.”

Pond continued his tweet chain by writing that the teams should be “filled with the best players” and that “it doesn’t matter where they’re from or what language they speak.”

Additionally, he said that “it hurts to see people be so rude. Imagine you go to a foreign place or team and fans of that team are discriminating against you…”

Pond concluded by writing that most of his fans have been supportive but the small group of toxic fans has been the loudest.

After the “Paris Eternal” team finished 11-17 and missed the playoffs, they dropped four of their European players. Harrison “Kruise” Pond, Luis “Greyy” Perestrelo” and the French players remained. The team consequently signed Kim “Sp9rk1e” Yeong Han, Choi “Hanbin” Han Been, and Jung “Xzi” Ki Hyo from the Element Mystic team who recently won the championship at the International Contenders event, “The Gauntlet.”

As a result, some fans were outraged claiming that the team was no longer “European.” Furthermore, they said that their team was “just another team of Koreans” now.

Adding Korean talent to non-Korean teams is nothing new. Many teams have added professional Korean players and have had much success.

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