gerry scott and michelle hunziker slanting their eyes

One of the hosts of Italian show apologizes for mocking Asians

The hosts of an Italian satirical show called Striscia la Notizia found themselves in the middle of a social media storm after they mocked Asians by imitating the way they talked and slanting their eyes. Instagram fashion page Diet Prada called out co-hosts Michelle Hunziker and Gerry Scott for the segment that aired on Monday. The two were discussing an Italian broadcasting company called RAI that is stationed in Beijing, China but they slanted their eyes and pronounced RAI as “LAI” instead.

“You should have said it properly,” Scott said with his eyes pulled back. “LAI.”

After the backlash, Michelle Hunziker offered an apology on her Instagram, reports the Independent. She started off by saying she taught her daughters to apologize even if they hurt someone “accidentally” and that it was only fair that she apologize herself.

“I’m truly sorry and I apologize if I hurt anyone,” she said. “I realize we’re in a time where people are sensitive about their rights and I have been naive so naive to not take that into consideration. Thank God we’re changing a lot and we’re adapting a new inclusive world and I definitely want to be a part of it.”

Her co-host Gerry Scott on the other hand has not issued a statement regarding the matter.

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