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One-legged Chinese female bodybuilder becomes internet sensation

A 35-year-old Chinese female bodybuilder won the hearts of many people in China after she won a bodybuilding competition in October. Gui Yuna has always been an inspiration but recently she became a star due to her incredible heart, reports the Hong Kong Free Press.

From the Paralympics to bodybuilding, Yuna has always been pushing herself despite her disadvantage. Yuna had lost her right leg at only seven years old when a truck hit her in Nanning, China. But what made things worse was the bullying. Kids called her a “cripple'” and even kicked her crutches out from under her.

“They called me a cripple or ‘three-legged cat,'” she said. “Most of the time it was abusive language like that and sometimes physical abuse. The first time they made me fall I cried, but then I got used to it and I thought: you can bully me however you want, but I’ll be fine because I have a brave heart.”

Despite the negativity, Yuna decided to get stronger. In 2001 she got involved with the Paralympics and represented China in the 2004 games where she took part in the high jump, long jump, and archery. In 2008 she had the honor of running the torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Summer Games and Paralympics.

Even though she accomplished so much she couldn’t get a job because of her missing leg. After she retired from competition in 2017, no company would hire her because they told her she didn’t match their image.

“They were implying that I’d damage their image,” she said. “I applied to nearly 20 companies and all of them said the same thing.”

But even with all that adversity, she persisted. Now she’s a bodybuilding champ and amazingly it was only her first competition.

“It’s possible that I won first place not because of my professionalism or muscles, but because of my confidence and bravery to stand on the stage and show myself to everyone,” she said.

These days Gui Yuna hardly thinks about her missing leg unless someone brings it up. Although it may seem like a tragedy that she lost her leg, Yuna is thankful for the hardships which made her the woman she is today.

“Many people think that fate was unkind to me, but I don’t think so,” she said. “I am thankful for having these hardships. Why do I say that? Because of this, I grew up, it made my heart stronger and made me what I am today.”

As for a job, she’s now a partner at an home interior decorating company.

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