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Oakland man charged with hate crime for allegedly threatening Asian postal worker

Police arrested 26-year-old Lamont Demetrius West Verdon for allegedly threatening an Asian American postal worker on June 5th, reports CBS San Francisco News. The postal worker was out delivering mail in Daly City, California when he was confronted by the suspect, according to authorities.

“F**k you, I’m going to kill you, you f**king Asian,” the suspect allegedly told the postal worker. The suspect then allegedly went through the victim’s mailbag.

The victim ran to his truck and locked himself. The suspect allegedly followed him and began screaming again. Once the victim left the area, he called 911. Police found the suspect shortly later.

Lamont Demetrius West Verdon of Oakland was charged with “making criminal threats with a hate crime enhancement as well as a drug offense,” reports Kron 4. He has pleaded not guilty.

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