Shimon Debotton

Oakland gas station owner racially abused before getting pepper-sprayed

Update – Police arrested 29-year-old Shimon Debotton for assault in connection to this incident.

An Asian owner of an Oakland, CA gas station was attacked with what appears to be pepper spray by a disgruntled customer who hurled racist taunts at him. According to Cwell, the owner of the gas station for 20 years, the incident started over quarters, reports ABC News Bay Area reporter Dion Lim.

The customer walked into the gas station and tried to pay for his gas with a bunch of quarters. The employee told him that she couldn’t accept the change because the number of quarters wouldn’t fit into the till.

“My staff, she’s like, ‘well, wait, hold on there. You kind of have to take this to the bank because I can’t fit this all in the till,” Cwell said.

This upset the man and Cwell saw this. Cwell went over to talk things through but the customer started to use racially-charged words.

“He just started mouthing off, ‘You should go back to China,’ like that,” Cwell recalled. “We were just bursting out laughing because it was so unbelievable.”

But things turned for the worse according to Cwell who said the man then threatened to come back later. So Cwell followed the man outside to capture his license plate and what happened next was captured on video.

“Go to China. F**k you man because you have a small d**k,” the man tells Cwell. “Go f**k your mama. You ain’t from here you Asian. You Asians small d**k, small d**k.”

Cwell also said the man tried to reverse his car into him.

Additionally, the man reached into his pocket for something which caused Cwell to grab a bottle of spray painter. A second surveillance video captured the man spraying what looks like pepper spray into Cwell’s face which landed Cwell in the ER.

“The guy had pulled out his pepper spray and he had shot my face, arms,” Cwell said. “I ended up going to the ER to get taken care of.”

Cwell plans to file charges against the guy and had a message for the Bay Area.

“I totally appreciate that you let me share my story because this has got to stop,” he said. “I hope this brings awareness that everybody goes through the same stuff. We just have to understand that and understand that we all have to work together.”

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