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Oakland Chinatown liquor store owner who shot at robbers will not face charges

The Alameda County District Attorney will not be filing charges against the Oakland Chinatown liquor store owner who shot at robbers last month, reports CBS News San Francisco. Aaron Yee was arrested after he shot at suspects who were trying to rob a woman outside his store. There was much backlash to the arrest and many officers did not feel Yee should have been arrested. However, the higherups at the Oakland Police Department ordered his arrest. But now the DA, Nancy O’Malley said Yee used “justifiable use of force to defend the victim from a violent attack.”

“The District Attorney’s Office does not condone vigilantism,” said O’Malley. “However, after a thorough review of the facts of the incident, it is clear that Mr. Yee fired his weapon in lawful defense of the victim of the robbery or what appeared to be a possible kidnapping.”

The incident took place on February 15 around 5:30 pm on the corner of Ninth and Franklin. Two suspects tried to rob a woman of her camera. Yee saw this and ran out of his store with his handgun and ordered the suspects to stop. Yee fired his gun multiple times causing the suspects to flee in their car. No one was seriously hurt.

When the police arrived, Yee cooperated with the police. He had a valid gun permit and the firearm was registered to his name. But he was arrested and stayed in jail for around 12 hours before he was released.

Aaron Yee has helped the Oakland Police Department many times before. Yee has routinely dropped tips including one leading to the arrest of Yahya Muslim who is accused of pushing a 91-year-old man in Chinatown.


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