Nyc department of housing preservation and development racist letter
ABC 7 News

NYC Housing Inspector suspended over racist letter

A New York City Housing inspector has been suspended and is being investigated for a racist letter he sent to tenants. Doc Pham posted the letter he received from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development that was addressed to “Chin Chong” on social media. He received the follow-up letter from the city after an inspector came over to his home.

Pham said an inspector from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development came over to his place to check on the heat and hot water. Pham lives with two other Vietnamese Americans in his New York City apartment. He said the inspector was friendly but didn’t ask for their names.

“He didn’t ask any of us for our names so what we suspect happen was that he put our names down in the form as a racial slur,” Pham told ABC 7 News. “Even if the blame lies with the inspector, this is a letter from the city, someone has to print it out. Someone has to fold it and mail it, so clearly there was no oversight there was no checking.”

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development announced that the unnamed employee was suspended without pay and is being investigated.

“The employee is suspended without pay and we’re conducting a full investigation to determine further disciplinary action,” they said. “We’ve reached out to the individual affected to express our profound apologies. Racism has no place in New York City. We stand with the AAPI community against hate.”


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