chef jose luis chavez

NYC chef Jose Luis Chavez under fire for racist joke against Chinese people

New York City chef Jose Luis Chavez has apologized for his insensitive remarks against Chinese people. Instagram page Asianswithattitudes, posted the video of Chavez speaking in Spanish blaming bat eating by the Chinese for COVID-19. Asianswithattitudes translated what he was saying to “its so delicious to eat tacos, arepas, ceviche, pollo a la brasa and then these chinese people comes to eat bats and we get this issues god dammit.”

Backlash ensued and consequently, Jose Luis Chavez explained he was joking and issued an apology.

“I made a big mistake,” he said on Instagram. “Few days ago I went to one of my locations, one of my restaurants with part of my team to close it down, to take everything out because of the situation.

“Cause of pandemic I was stupid, stupid joking and I said things really really stupid bad things that I know hurts people and I’m here in front of you to ask you for forgiveness … I’m against racism. There words that I said it was the stupidest thing I ever said in my life.”

Chef Jose Luis Chavez is the co-founder of “Mission Ceviche” located in the upper east side. He found his passion to cook after working at a sushi bar in Venezuela, according to chefs feed. From there he went to Peru to study cooking at the culinary school Xavier Prado de San Isidro. After he graduated, he moved to New York and opened “Mission Ceviche.”

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