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NY Representative Grace Meng receives racist voice mails after passing resolution condemning anti-Asian sentiment

New York Representative Grace Meng has received some nasty voice mails after she introduced a resolution against anti-Asian sentiment. The resolution called for the condemnation of anti-Asian sentiment and asked public leaders to do the same. Although it passed, 164 Republicans voted against it. The resolution was largely a symbolic measure to address the rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic but a lot of people were upset.

Grace Meng released the nasty voicemails with a supercut of the president using racist terms for the coronavirus such as “kung flu” and the “Chinese virus.”

“After that, I got many racist voicemails saying the very things we collectively condemned,” Meng tweeted, reports Amny. “164 Republicans voted against #HRes908 & couldn’t condemn this hate. Words and actions have consequences #COVID19.”

Here is some of what callers said to Meng.

“Hey you look like a Chinese virus you fat slob,” one angry woman said. “Or maybe Kung Flu you fat slob. Or maybe Wuhan.”

“I’m calling the Karate Kid virus or the Kung flu virus.”

“I’ll call the FBI and put you in jail you dumba** motherf**ker. F**k you and F** AOC.”

According to Meng’s office, most of the calls were traced to out of state numbers. The office did not say whether the voice mails were reported to Capitol Police.

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