nina mc lin aka n.nina666

Nina Mc Lin apologizes for saying the n-word

Nina Mc Lin aka n.nina666 has apologized for dropping the n-word. Nina666 became a viral sensation for her comedic over-the-top raspy New York blaccent but with fame comes incredible scrutiny and someone called her out for using the n-word. Consequently, Nina Mc Lin dropped an apology for using the word on her TikTok where she blew up and is nearing 1 million followers.

“As an Asian American, I should not be saying that f**king word,” Lin said. “I shouldn’t be associated with that f**king word and I … 39 weeks ago that’s not the same person I am today and I will further educate myself on that and learn the true meaning behind that word … For the people who I offended, I’m deeply sorry and I hope you guys take this apology. I’m not asking for forgiveness but I just want to let yall know I f**ked up and only thing I can do right now is reflect on it and I will.”


I wanted to address the situation, as this is not something to be taken lightly, I have changed since and I am trully sorry but that is no excuse.

♬ original sound – Nina lin

The apology came after another TikTok user “precioustheangel” called Nina out for using the n-word in the comment section.

“n***a Ling wym dawg,” Nina commented one time.

“bro I da don’t care no more if I get it yolo n***a,” Nina commented another time.


would u like to address this ? @n.nina666

♬ original sound – Thee Angel ????????

Damn, only a month of fame and people are already clawing through her history.

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