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Nike Japan commercial causes uproar over its anti-bullying and racism message

A Nike Japan commercial is whipping people up in Japan up over its message against bullying and racism, reports Soranews24. The commercial “Keep Moving: Yourself, the Future” features one Japanese girl, a biracial Japanese teenager, and a Zainchi wondering how they fit in the homogeneous society.

The full Japanese girl is seen being bullied and being yelled at by her mother for not exceling in school.

The half-black-half-Japanese teenager has her haired touched by her schoolmates.

While the Korean girl gets stared at wherever she goes.

The three wonder if they should just “deal with it” but gain confidence through soccer to not wait around for change.

The commercial went viral with over 14 million views on Twitter and almost 10 million views on Youtube. And a lot of people loved the positive message of the commerial.

“This is amazing,” one commenter said. “I feel like I’ve never seen a commerical that cuts into the issue of living in Japan and minorities in Japanese advertising.”

“This made me cry,” another said. “It would be wonderful if we could stop young people having thoughts like this.”

But a lot of people, mostly right-wingers disliked the commercial and called for a boycott of Nike.

“Is Japan really such a country full of discrimmination?” one commenter said. “It feels like you’re creating a false impression of Japan.”

“There’s no bullying in Japan!” another wrote.

“I feel this depicts Japanese as being extremely inhumane,” another said.

Bullying is a huge problem in Japan with over 600,000 cases last year, according to Kyodo News.

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