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New York man who allegedly attacked three members of an Asian family arrested

A New York homeless man who allegedly shoved an elderly Asian grandmother onto subway tracks has been arrested. NYPD arrested 38-year-old Luis Hernandez over a clash that left three members of an Asian family injured, reports NY Daily News.

The incident occurred on October 19th at the Clinton/Washington Aves station in Fort Greene in Brooklyn, New York. Hernandez was allegedly smoking a cigarette on the C train platform when 30-year-old Henry Cheng told him to stop.

Cheng was with his grandmother, 73-year-old Bi He, and grandfather, 82-year-old Ren Bao, and they were headed to Manhattan after visiting the doctor.

When Cheng yelled at Hernandez to stop smoking, Hernandez allegedly punched Cheng in the face “incredibly hard” and continued to pummel Cheng’s face when he hit the ground, according to prosecutors. Cheng’s grandfather and grandmother tried to intervene causing Hernandez to allegedly attack the grandfather and shove the grandmother onto the subway tracks.

Luckily the grandmother was able to get to the other side of the tracks before the oncoming train hit her. She did, however, suffer from bleeding in her skull and a foot injury that required surgery reports the New York Daily News.

“Bi He suffered spinal fractures, a fractured tibia in her leg, skull fractures and was intubated at a local hospital where she remains,” the DA said.

Henry Cheng and his grandfather also suffered from severe injuries. Cheng suffered from a broken jaw and his grandfather hit the back of his head when he fell.

henry cheng beaten and bruised
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When Luis Hernandez was arrested he was found with a cast on his arm from injuries sustained from beating Cheng, according to prosecutors. Investigators said they have video of Hernandez entering and exiting the train station at the time.

Hernandez has a prior record of having inappropriate sexual contact with a child with incest charges. He is currently in jail without bail at arraignment and has been charged with attempted murder and assault.

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