maria ambrocio and jermaine foster
NY Post

New Jersey nurse knocked down by alleged mugger dies

A Filipino-American nurse has died after she was injured by a fleeing alleged mugger in Times Square, New York, reports CBS New York News. New Jersey oncology nurse Maria Ambrocio, 58, was taken off life support a day and a half after she was assaulted and passed away on October 9th. Police arrested 26-year-old Jermaine Foster and charged him with robbery and assault on Saturday.

Ambrocio was injured on October 8th after she had lunch with her co-worker and close friend Emilia Cruz. Cruz told the New York Post, a man slammed into Ambrocio causing her to fall to the ground and hit her head on the pavement. Police said the man was running away from another man after stealing his cell phone.

“I heard a big thump like something hit the concrete and, you know, it was loud so I said ‘Wow, oh My God.  What’s that?’ and I looked down and I saw her blouse, I didn’t see the face and I said, ‘Oh my God, Ning,’ I call her Ning,” Cruz said. “I said ‘Ning, what happened? Wake up,’ and she was out. She was already unconscious. She is not answering me. I keep picking her up. She was frothing from her mouth. And I said, ‘Call 911.’”

Ambrocio was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where she was declared brain dead. A little more than 24 hours later, she was taken off life support and she passed away.

Jermaine Foster is also accused of barging into a woman’s apartment earlier that day and demanding money. The woman said he ran off with $15 before the police came.

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