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Nearly half of all Asian Vancouver Canadians experienced anti-Asian hate incidents last year

According to Bloomberg, Asians living in Vancouver, Canada experienced more anti-Asian hate crimes than the 10 most populous United States cities combined. In 2020, Vancouver recorded 98 anti-Asian hate crimes which was nearly four times the amount recorded in New York with 28. Another Canadian city, Montreal had the second most anti-Asian hate crimes with 33. And another Canadian city, Toronto had 15 which was the same as Los Angeles. The 98 anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver in 2020 was eight times the 2019 amount. Canada had more anti-Asian hate crime incidents per capita than the United States.

Incredibly, nearly half of all Asians in British Columbia experienced some sort of racism during that time. According to Insights West, 43% of Asians in the area said they were called racial slurs, physically assaulted, or had their property damaged. British Columbia Asians believe that anti-Asian racism will only get worse.

The spike in anti-Asian hate crimes was fueled by the Covid pandemic but anti-Asian sentiment had been building. Many blamed the Chinese for rising real estate prices in Vancouver.

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