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Nearly 30% of all food delivery drivers eat your food

Everyone these days uses a food delivery app. Whether it’s Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats, we pay a premium so that we don’t have to leave our house to pick up some delicious food. But before you do, did you know 28% of all food delivery drivers ate some of your food. Well, that’s according to a survey conducted by US Foods, reports NPR. Some of you may be shocked but the only surprising thing about this survey is that the number isn’t higher. I would have guessed at least half of all drivers ate some food.

The temptation is just too much. Imagine driving somewhere with a bag of fries and not eating some of it. It seems like an impossibility. And eating someone’s fries isn’t too disgusting. However, most people answering the survey found it unacceptable for a driver to eat someone’s fries. US Food asked the customers on a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being “no big deal” to 10 being “absolutely unacceptable” if it was okay for a driver to eat some fries. And the result averaged out to 8.4. I could see why people would be upset but it’s just a few fries. It’s not like the driver is licking someone’s ice cream, but that’s just me. But I guess it’s the principle.

To fix this problem, customers wanted food in tamper-evident labels and packaging. This is a great idea, that’ll make it harder for delivers to steal food. However, it’s just going to be another hassle for restaurants and those drivers will find some sneaky way to get around it.

Customers had a whole lot of other complaints about the delivers but here’s the top three.

  1. Food not warm and/or fresh
  2. Food delivered late
  3. Incorrect orders

And here are the top three complaints food delivery drivers had.

  1. Weak tip/no tip
  2. Food not ready on time at restaurant
  3. Unclear instructions from customer in the app

The survey also found out that the average person has two delivery apps and uses it 3 times per month. Uber Eats is the most popular with Grubhub coming in at a second place. The customer on average will wait at most up to 40 minutes and will pay an average at most up to $8.50 per delivery.

There you go, if anything it seems that no one’s really happy about these delivery apps but we’re too lazy to get up and out of the house to pick up our own food.

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