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Naomi Osaka is dating rapper YBN Cordae

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka is dating rapper YBN Cordae. The 21-year-old rapper confirmed their relationship during an interview on “Ebro In The Morning” on Hot 97. He was out promoting his latest album “The Lost Boys” when one of the co-hosts, Peter Rosenberg, asked him if he had a “famous” girlfriend.

“I feel, I saw a headline that said you have a famous girlfriend. True?” Rosenberg said.

“Maybe, maybe,” YBN Cordae said.

“Who is it? A tennis player?” Rosenberg said.

“Who is it, Naomi Osaka? Is it Naomi Osaka?” another co-host Laura Stylez said.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s my girl?” Cordae said.

Although YBN Cordae didn’t go into too many details about his relationship with Naomi Osaka, he revealed that he met her at a Los Angeles Clippers game. He said that he didn’t know who she was at first when he hit on her at the basketball game. Cordae said that he didn’t really watch tennis but he did know who Serena Williams was.

“Your girlfriend beat Serena,” Ebro said laughingly.

When asked how long he’s been with her, Cordae replied, “A long time to be honest, like a little while but we kept it hidden, you know. I don’t really like to go too public with my personal life.”

But considering that the two have been dating for some time now, he felt that if someone was to ask him about it, he would have to confirm their relationship so that she didn’t feel disrespected. “But like, if you just ask me … it’ll be like disrespectful to her. You know if I said “Nah” at this point.

Check out the video starting at 17:44.

YBN Cordae born Cordae Dunston is a 21-year-old rapper out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s part of the YBN collective and has a lot of heat under him at this time.

Naomi Osaka had a meteoric rise last year after she defeated her idol, Serena Williams. Since then, she has become a household name and has been called the future of women’s tennis. But the 21-year-old half Japanese-half Haitian tennis superstar stumbled earlier this month after she was defeated by Yulia Putniseva at Wimbledon. Consequently, she slipped from the #1 ranking to the #2 position.

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