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Mom of Ryan ToysReview once went to jail for shoplifting

Loan Guan, 35, the mother who helped start Ryan ToysReview went to jail before she became a millionaire, according to the Daily Mail. Now her 7-year-old son Ryan Kaji is the highest paid Youtuber bringing in an estimated $22 million a year.

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Ryan and his mother Youtube: Ryan ToysReview

Loan Guan was born on April 1984 in Houston, Texas to Vietnamese immigrants. When she was 18, in 2002, as a University of Houston student, she was caught shoplifting in Houston at a JC Penny store. In total, she stole six items costing $93.

The Texas court found her guilty and fined her $150, placed her on six-month probation, and ordered her to 40 hours of community service. Additionally, she had to take part in an anti-shoplifting program and carry around an offender identification card.

But Loan did not do her community service or report to a community supervisor. Consequently, on May 4, 2003 police arrested her for violation of probation. The court ordered her to 60 days in prison but she was out in thirty.

That’s when Loan Guan changed her life and attended Texas Tech University and became a chemistry teacher. During this time she met her future husband Shion Guan who arrived to the United States from Japan to study civil engineering. By 2011, their son Ryan Kaji was born.

Loan was a teacher while Shion worked as a structural engineer. In 2015, Ryan ToysReview was born after Loan saw the potential to make money on Youtube. Their channel soon blew up and both parents quit their jobs to focus on making videos. Now they’re rolling in mad dough.

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