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Minnesota police zip tie CNN producer Carolyn Sung and yell “Do you speak English” at her

An Asian American CNN producer was arrested in a humiliating matter by police during the Daunte Wright protests. Carolyn Sung was among many journalists on the ground in Brooklyn Center in Minnesota last week covering the protests who were allegedly assaulted and mistreated by police, reports Mediate. Attorney Leita Walker representing over 20 journalists wrote a letter to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and other public safety officials chronicling the alleged abuse committed by the officer.

In the case of Carolyn Sung, Walker said she was grabbed by police by her backpack and thrown to the ground as she was trying to leave as directed. According to the letter, Sung did not resist and repeatedly identified herself as a member of the press and showed her credentials. The officers zip-tied her hands behind her back and one trooper yelled “do you speak English” at her, according to Walker.

A male security agent hired by CNN to work with Sung was also detained but released shortly after he showed his credentials.

Sung on the other hand was taken to Hennepin County Jail, “where she was patted down and searched by a female officer who put her hands down Sung’s pants and in her bar, fingerprinted, electronically body-scanned, and ordered to strip and put on an orange uniform before attorneys working on her behalf were able to locate her and secure her release, a process that took more than two hours.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz reacted to the letter on Twitter calling for the protection of journalists.

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