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Maskless woman tries to spit on Umai Savory Hot Dogs employee

A maskless woman was caught on camera trying to spit on an employee at Umai Savory Hot Dogs in San Jose, California on Tuesday afternoon, reports ABC 7 News. TikTok user alileseuli posted the video and captioned it “just because the staff politely asked her to put on her mask.”


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Luckily for the employee, the plexiglass absorbed most of that nasty spit.

Kristine Nguyen, the employee at the restaurant who the maskless woman was targeting, said she was helping the customer at the time. Nguyen said the customer ordered and paid for her item when she was asked to put on a mask. The customer refused and said she had a right to remain unmasked.

“You just have to be plainly disrespectful to spit at someone for asking you to follow simple rules,” Nguyen said. “…Some people need to be held accountable for their actions, and so I’m glad it reached that platform.”

“We’re here to serve our customers, you know. Honestly, like, if you can’t comply with the rules, you just can’t come in. As simple as that.”

Another employee, Michelle Contreras said the woman has done this twice before.

“This isn’t the first time she’s done it. She did it to two other co-workers, not so long ago. And she’s done it to our next-door neighbors,” Contreras said.

The owner of the location, Dat Thieu called the police after watching the video even though he was initially reluctant.

“I don’t condone these types of behavior,” Thieu explained. “But at the same time, I don’t really understand everybody’s circumstances. And you know, I don’t want to make things worse for people than, you know, what they already are.”

When SJPD arrived the woman had already left. They are investigating the incident and looking for the woman.

Dat Thieu told Newsweek, “We love the community we are in and for the most part have gotten a lot of support from them throughout the whole pandemic. It’s just unfortunate we still have people that react like this when our staff request they put on a mask for our safety and our guests safety. What’s worst is, this isn’t an isolated incident.

“Maybe it’s just pandemic fatigue or people feeling like things are back to normal now with the state opening things back up, but they don’t see it from a business owner’s perspective. For us, the pandemic is far from over, and we are just hanging on by a thread and trying to survive. So sanitation and safety are our top priorities.

“Although incidents like this are out of our control it still affects us greatly. It makes our staff feel unsafe and our business unsanitary for other guest to enjoy. We will continue to do our part to keep our guest and community safe and just hope everyone can understand and support that.”

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