dr. han jo kim and regina turner
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Manhattan surgeon divorces wife claiming she’s a high price escort

A Manhattan New York doctor has divorced his former beauty queen wife after he claimed she led a double life before and during their marriage. According to Manhattan Supreme Court documents, Dr. Han Jo Kim sought an annulment from former Miss Connecticut Regina Turner because she was allegedly a high-priced escort, reports the New York Daily News. The two have been married since November 27, 2015.

“Not to belabor the obvious but … defendant clearly committed material fraud upon Dr. Kim by concealing her sale of sexual services in exchange for money prior to the marriage,” the court papers said. “As is further obvious, plaintiff would have never married defendant absent her lies and concealment.”

dr. han jo kim and regina turner
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Kim claimed he found out about his wife’s double life after he found a raunchy iMessage for Turner from another man in 2020, according to the documents. Kim said he did some further investigating and found out that other rich men were allegedly paying for her services.

The court documents said that Kim had financial records of alleged payments between the Johns’ and Turner.

“On many of the occasions that defendant represented that she was out with girlfriends, she was in fact providing sexual services in exchange for money to men,” the complaint said.

Additionally, Kim claimed she was deceptive to him from the start of their relationship in 2013. Turner allegedly told Kim she was attending the University of Connecticut studying science before she took a break to compete in Miss USA. However, Kim said she never graduated high school.

Furthermore, she allegedly hid her travels by claiming she was going to China for weeks to develop an app.

“In fact such travel was in connection with defendant’s provision of sexual services in exchange for money,” the documents said.

Turner’s bank records between 2015 – 2021 allegedly showed $675,040 in deposits. The deposited checks ranging from $2000 – $10,000 allegedly came from a New Jersey real estate executive, a prominent businessman, and a lighting designer.

However, Turner claimed that she had $0 income and that she was “totally dependent on (Kim) for support,” according to the court papers.

Dr. Han Jo Kim makes a fortune as a spinal surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. In 2018 he earned $3.2 million and the two lived in a $6.5 million Upper East Side apartment and had a second waterfront home in Long Island.

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