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Man shoots wife then kills himself in Houston, Texas

A 64-year-old man shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in Houston, Texas on Monday. The man has been identified as Andrew Wang by the Houston Police Department, reports Click2Houston. The woman is in the hospital in stable condition.

The couple walked into a doctor’s office near the Woman’s Hospital in Texas at 12141 Richmond Ave around 3 pm. The husband had an appointment at the doctor’s office. An eyewitness said the husband looked agitated and threatened a bystander before shooting his wife, reports ABC 13.

“I’m going to kill you, I want you to die,” Wang told the bystander before pulling out two guns. His wife tried to get away but he shot her multiple times before turning the gun on himself.

Paramedics arrived to find the 54-year-old victim on the ground with gunshot wounds to her chest and forearm. She was transported to the hospital where she is expected to recover.

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