brant carnwath beaten and bloody

Man severely beaten stopping suspect from harassing Asian woman at Alamitos Beach

3rd Update – KPIX Bay Area reporter Bett Yu contacted the Long Beach Police Department regarding the matter around Brant Carnwath. According to police, the incident went down on 4/6/21 around 11:40 pm at the 1200 block of E. 4th Street. Police descended on the scene on a battery call. The male victim (Carnwath) told police he was assaulted by four males. The police’s investigation found the incident started after Carnwath intervened when he saw a male adult and female adult arguing. The female described as possibly “White” left the scene but the male punched Carnwath. Then three other suspects jumped the victim while on the ground.

Police said this was not a hate crime or a bias-motivated attack.

2nd Update – According to a translation from a Chinese newspaper by Instagram page – durianpolice1901 – Brant Carnwath was knocked out after he intervened between an arguing couple. The woman in question was white and Carnwath was reportedly intoxicated. So there was no Asian woman and the story he saved an Asian woman from a gang of racists was made up. Do not donate to the Gofundme.

Update – As of now, we’re asking people to not donate to the Gofundme until we can figure what really happened with Brant Carnwath. Several Instagram users have marked Carnwath’s story as suspicious. Additionally, actor Peter Shinkoda who vouched for the story took down his original Instagram post describing what happened.

Brant Carnwath was severely beaten after he stepped in to defend an Asian woman who was being harassed. Actor Peter Shinkoda posted images of Carnwath’s beaten and bloody face on Instagram and explained what happened. Shinkoda said an Asian woman, who Brant didn’t know, was being “racially harassed” near the water at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California when Brant intervened. He told the woman to run and that’s when the “gang of racists” beat him.

“Took the beating of his life against a gang of racists,” Shinkoda wrote. “That is American courage! Woke up to paramedics and cops hovering over him.”

According to Brant’s younger brother, Scott, he said the attack left his brother with a concussion and he doesn’t remember a thing. Scott is asking anyone with more information or video of the incident to come forward. A Gofundme has been set up to help pay for Brant’s medical bills. Carnwath is currently recovering at Long Beach Medical hospital.

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