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Man caught on camera hurling racist slurs at Florida restaurant owner

A nasty incident involving three balding men and a restaurant owner took place at Ramen Lab Eatery in Delray Beach, Florida on Friday. The owner Louis Grayson who is Thai told CBS News Anchor Frances Wang the incident started after he politely asked the three men to leave his restaurant because he was closing up.

Grayson and an employee were closing up when the three men who bought pizza from another restaurant unstacked his chairs, sat down, and began eating, reports Newsweek. According to Grayson, the men became aggressive after he asked them to leave which made him pull out his camera catching the ugly moment where one of the men can be heard hurling racist anti-Asian slurs.

Here are some of what can be heard.

“Take your F***ing Chinese flu & shove it up your a**!”

“Taiwanese C***k!”

“Go F*** yourself, corona!”

“I hope you die from corona.”

Grayson said the men left after they heard one of his employees call the cops.

“They’re all bald or something,” the employee told 911.

Grayson is asking the public for help in identifying the men and reporting them to the police.

Update: July 20 – 2021 – The internet found the guy and the man is allegedly Benigno Fronsaglia.

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