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Man calls Asian officer “ch**k” a bunch of times at Washington Square Park Protest

A protestor was caught on camera calling an Asian officer a “ch**k” multiple times during the Washington Square Park Protest. According to NY1, the protest occurred on Saturday night over the new 10 pm curfew at the park. The New York City’s mayor office began the curfew on Friday following complaints of loud noise and drug use in the area. The NYPD descended on the scene and 23 people were arrested.

During the commotion, a protestor can be seen calling an Asian officer a “ch**k” repeatedly after telling him he wasn’t from this country. The incident can be seen from 3:41:40.

According to ABC News New York reporter CeFaan Kim, the man who hurled racial slurs at the officer is Shermanie Laster.

Interestingly enough in a separate incident unrelated to this, an Asian NYPD officer has filed a lawsuit against a protestor for racial harassment. Officer Vincent Chung is suing Terrell Harper for racially taunting him during a March 11th protest in New York City. Harper was caught on video calling Chung “cat eater,” “soy sauce,” among other stereotypical Asian insults.

“I mean looking at the video, that type of hate directed at myself as an Asian American is just disgusting,” Chung said. “Given the current climate of Asian hate, a verbal assault like that on a uniformed NYPD detective only leads to violence.”

Chung is seeking an apology and monetary compensation which he will donate to “some aid society or anti-Asian hate society.”

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