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Man buys game character for $1.4 million then his friend accidentally sells it for $552

Buying characters in games can be extremely costly, but some would argue it’s a good investment. However, one man in China probably lost all his senses when he spent $1.4 million on a character in the MMOPRG “Justice Online.” For some reason, he let his friend borrow the character, and his friend idiotically sold it for just $552, according to the SCMP. This caused the man to sue his friend and NetEase, an in-game marketplace.

The friend, or ex-friend by now, told the court, he tried to sell the character back to the owner for $55,138 after he was given permission to play with it. However, after a marathon session with the character, he put it up on NetEase for sale where it was quickly bought by another player. He said that the excessive gaming messed with his head which caused him to put in the incorrect amount for the character.

Fortunately for the plaintiff, he got his expensive character back after the court decided in his favor. Interestingly enough, the case was overseen by an online judge and some would say he got justice online.

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NetEase ceased the transaction but the original owner had to pay the buyer $12,789 in damages.

So the moral of this story is to get better friends or don’t lend out a video game character for $1.4 million to anyone.

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