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Man arrested for allegedly hurling anti-Asian insults at undercover police officer in New York

It looks like the Asian undercover police officer program in New York is working because another suspect has been arrested. According to the New York Daily News, police arrested 32-year-old Ricardo Hernandez for allegedly hurling anti-Asian insults and harassing an undercover Asian cop.

The incident occurred in Queens on the N train subway platform at 31st Street and 39th Avenue around 5:30 pm on Saturday. Hernandez allegedly approached the cop and said, “That’s why you peoples are getting beat up. I got nothing to lose. I will f**k you up. This is my house.”

The cop fearing for his safety flashed his badge and arrested the suspect. He was charged with harassment and hate crime charges.

This is the second arrest made by an Asian undercover police officer who was racially harassed this month in New York. Earlier this month police arrested 35-year-old Juvian Rodriguez after he allegedly made an anti-Asian remark and threatened to stab an Asian undercover officer at Penn Station.

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