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Man allegedly shoots to death two in Chicago Chinatown

Chicago authorities have charged Alvin Thomas, 20, of South Shore with two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting to death two men in Chinatown. The Chicago police said the incident occurred in the early morning on February 9 in the 2000 block of South Wells Street, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Huayi Bian, 36, and Weizhong Xiong, 38, were murdered in what appears to be a robbery attempt.

Xiong, his wife, and Bian were returning from dinner when the incident happened. Xiong’s wife was parking the SUV outside of Bian’s apartment when the confrontation occurred around 2:10 am on Sunday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Prosecutors said Alvin Thomas approached Xiong and shot him multiple times in the face and head as he was exiting the passenger seat, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. His wife heard the shots and hid under the SUV. During this time, Thomas and Bian started struggling with each other. Thomas allegedly ended up shooting him in the head and killing him.

Prosecutors said that Thomas fled the scene but was caught 10 minutes later. Officers found him after they followed bloody footprints to Chinatown square.

Prosecutors said officers found a 9mm handgun near the scene of the crime and gunshot residue on Thomas’s hand.

The two men arrived from China to the states around 8 or 9 years ago. They haven’t been back to their home country but was sending money back to their families.

Alvin Thomas was on probation for two prior robberies.

On Tuesday, during the bond hearing, a judge ordered Thomas to be held without bail. About one hundred of the victim’s friends and neighbors arrived at the hearing. Xiong’s wife did not make it to court because she was too upset. Supporters of the victims said the victims were hardworking kind people.

Xiong worked long hours to support a handicapped father back in China. While Bian worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, to send money back to China to help his younger brother and sick mother.

Thomas faces the possibility of life in prison if he is convicted of the two murders.

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