charles holmes
CBS Philly

Man accused of sucker-punching woman in Philadelphia arrested

Philadelphia police arrested a man accused of knocking out a woman while she was walking down the street on September 30th, reports CBS Philly. 37-year-old Charles Holmes was arrested after officers recognized the man after Eyewitness News aired surveillance video of the suspect.

The incident occurred in Center City late at night near 21st and Walnut Streets.

In the surveillance video, a man can be seen rushing up to a woman before punching her in the face. The victim drops to the ground as he runs away.

The victim suffered from fractures in her nose, jaw, and around her eye bones.

“I’m just so relieved that they caught the guy,” the victim said. “It’s definitely a team effort. I definitely think that you(Eyewitness News) and your colleagues played a tremendously helpful role in this case, to be able to spread the word…

“It took me about four to five days to be able to open my leery eye and I’m still not able to see very well.”

The suspect, Charles Holmes is expected to face assault charges.

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