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NBC Washington

Man accused of running out on bill and assaulting Asian employee at Bonsai Grill

Update – 5/12/21 – The suspect has been caught and identified as 28-year-old Jordan Bevan, reports Fox 5 DC. He has “no fixed address” and has been charged with defrauding an innkeeper, assault, and battery.

Virginia State Police are looking for a man accused of skipping out on a bill, using racial slurs, and assaulting an Asian owner at an Arlington restaurant, reports NBC Washington. The incident occurred at Bonsai Grill located at 500 block of 23rd Street S. on Tuesday around 6 pm.

The owners of the restaurant are Henry Kim and his mother.

According to Henry, the suspect tried to run out on a $70 bill. When Kim and his mother confronted the man and asked him to pay, the man pretended to be on an emergency call.

When Henry called 911 himself, Henry said the man pushed his mother to the ground and said racial slurs before fleeing.

“When we got to the corner over there, that’s when he started saying, like, racial slurs like ‘Get out of my face —-, You Asians have the coronavirus,'” Henry recalled. “I don’t want it from you guys. Get away.”

The assault victim suffered scrapes on her arms but she’s okay.

“When he pushed my mom to the ground, I was very scared. I was just worried for her at that moment, but I’m happy she’s OK now,” Henry said. “We’re not here to bother anyone or hurt anyone. We’re just here to make better lives for ourselves and help our children out.”

Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

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