jadeane sica in racist costume

Malden City Councilor apologizes for Halloween costume

Malden City, Massachusetts Councilor Jadeane Sica apologized for a Halloween costume that offended the Asian American community, reports Mass Live. A picture of Sica wearing an Orchids of Asia shirt with a bamboo hat with the caption “Happy Halloween with a Happy Ending!” recently surfaced consequently causing backlash against the Councilor. The picture was taken a couple of years ago and features her husband wearing a New England Patriots hoodie and holding a Lombardi Trophy. Orchids of Asia became infamous after Patriots owner Robert Kraft was accused of soliciting prostitutes at the spa in 2019.

The picture caused a social media storm with many calling the picture demeaning and racist. In response, Jadeane Sica apologized in a Facebook post.

“Looking back at the choice of costume through a more enlightened lens allows me to see now what I didn’t see then, which is that costumes that in any way portray another culture can be hurtful and in my case, send a message inconsistent with how I’ve lived my public and private life,” Sica said. “I can and will do better.”

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