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Lil Pump Issues Apology To Asians For Racist Lyrics

Rapper Lil Pump has issued an apology for an offensive video he posted that mocked Asian people. The south Florida Columbian American rapper caught a wave of backlash after he went on his Instagram and debuted a preview of his new song “Butterfly Doors.” In the video he rapped, “Smoking on dope, they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low. Ching Chong,” while he pulled his eyes to the side. Unsurprisingly, the racist lyrics and gesture got people mad and upset.

Chinese rappers like China Mac called the “Gucci Gang” rapper out. Lil Pump had people on his social networks calling for an apology and a takedown of the video. And for a little while, there was dead silence and the video was still on his Instagram. However, Lil Pump eventually took the video down and issued an apology on his Instagram. Did you know he has “Asian homies?”

A sad looking Lil pump said, “I came here to tell you guys that I seen the whole thing going on the internet and all that,” he began. “I came here to tell you that for my part, I’m sorry and I apologize for posting that. It was not my intention to hurt nobody or do none of that, dead ass, cause I got Asian homies. You know, I fuck with everybody, ain’t got nothing against nobody.”

What a Merry Christmas for Asians. He seems authentic in his apology but maybe he learned not to make fun of Chinese people because it could have a huge impact on your wallet. Just look what happened to Dolce And Gabbana after they messed up by denigrating a race of people then realizing how huge a market China is for them.

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