Silba Ro, Kiki Bassham, Delois Davis

Kroger employees receive $100 for showing empathy to Asian woman

A Korean-American woman was so touched by two Kroger workers, she gave them each $100 for their empathy. 40-year-old Silbia Ro was at a Krogers in Nashville, Tennessee finishing up her parents’ grocery shopping last week when Kiki Bassham and Delois Davis said they were sorry about the recent attacks against Asians, reports the Tennessean. Ro raised $640 for the AAPI group through her yarn company Camellia Fiber Company but after what had happened at the grocery store she decided to take $200 of that and give it to the employees.

“I just was, um, running errands, buying groceries for my parents. I do this every week since COVID started. I stopped by Kroger’s and the cashier and the girl, the woman who was bagging my bags, they apologized to me about all the hate that was going on,” she said on social media.

“And I don’t know. I was so touched by what they did that, I was going to donate today to the AAPI, Stop Asian Hate. The total amount that came out from the sale was $640…

“But from the $640, I think I’m to give the Kroger workers $100 each. So I’m going to prepare that right now and go back to Kroger and give it to the ladies who have completely touched my heart today.

“There is a lot of hate out there. But there’s also a lot of love. And I hope today, you guys could all share a little love. And I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me and for sharing your love with me.” 

The cashier Delois Davis and grocery bagger Kiki Bassham said they said what they said because Silbia Ro looked like she was having a tough day. Additionally, they were aware of the recent attacks against Asian Americans including a 65-year-old Filipino woman who got her head stomped and the Atlanta shootings.

“She looked like she was about to cry,” Bassham said. “So I said, I’m so sorry for what’s going on.'”

When Ro returned to the store an hour later she thanked them for their kind words and handed them each an envelope. The three women hugged it out, exchanged tears, and took a selfie together. Thirty minutes later when the two opened the letter they were surprised to see the $100 in there.

“People don’t realize words can hurt a person and some simple words can cheer up a person,” Davis said. “And that’s apparently what we did for her.”

Ro said she learned from the women to have the courage to speak up.

“I’ve never had the courage to say something like that to a stranger before,” Ro said. “They encouraged me and gave me strength to do the same.”

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