Koreatown restaurant owner punched in face

The owner of Dalday restaurant located in Koreatown, Los Angeles, at 3377 Wilshire Blvd was punched in the face yesterday. The incident was posted on the restaurant’s Instagram account by the owner’s daughter Alicia. She said three Hispanic women in their 20s who were possibly drunk ran into the restaurant and into their bathroom. The three bypassed the temperature check and because of COVID, the restaurant only allows customers to use their restroom.

When Alicia’s mother who happens to be in her late 50s went to the bathroom she found one of them on the toilet while the other two were just hanging out. The owner told them the restroom was for customers only and told them to leave.

This did not sit well with one of them who punched the owner in the face. The owner pushed her assailant off sending her into one of her friends who was behind her causing both of them to crash onto the floor.

Alice said the three women were ready to gang up and beat her mom but didn’t because a couple of customers ran to the bathroom after hearing the commotion. For some reason, one of the Hispanic women pulled her pants down while another started recording the incident. Alice believes they were trying to flip the script and try to make the owner and the guy customers the bad people.

“The three ladies were ready to gang up on my mom, when they figured they were outnumbered and cornered-with many witnesses watching,” Alice wrote. “One of the ladies suddenly pulled her pants down being fully exposed, while another lady took out their camera and started recording the scene.

“When they were trying to turn the story around by saying, ‘We just came into pee and guys entered the ladies’ room and threatened us to leave while the restaurant owner lady joined them?'”

Eventually security was called and the three women were escorted out the restaurant.

“It is so sad that an elderly lady had to be punched in her face for asking someone to leave HER premise,” Alice wrote.

Fortunately her mom only suffered minor injuries to her face.

Go check out and support Dalday restaurant if you’re in the area.


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