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Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung beats up Frankie Edgar in the 1st round

It didn’t take long for the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung to get the win over Frankie Edgar at UFC Busan. It took less than two minutes in the first round for Jung to TKO Edgar. The fight wasn’t even competitive. Jung dominated Edgar in that short amount of time to secure his latest victory. Jung put on a spectacular performance in front of his home country of South Korea by beating up one of the best featherweights in the world.

In the first round, Chan Sung Jung dropped Frankie Edgar a couple of times with a combo of punches. He then punished Edgar with an onslaught of ground and pound which made the ref stop the fight at 3:18 in the first round.

After the fight, Jung called out for a title shot against new UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

“I want Volkanovski,” he said in the post-fight interview to a cheering crowd. Although it seems the former champ, Max Hollaway will get his rematch, there isn’t another fighter that deserves a crack at the title more than Jung. Anyone that watches Jung fight becomes a fan. For his fight with Edgar, he won the “Performance of the Night” bonus which netted him another $50,000. That’s a total of eight fight bonuses for Jung in his first eight UFC fights.

The only problem is that Jung needs to go have eye surgery. According to Low Kick MMA, Jung told reporters that he’s been having a problem with his eye for a while.

“Those that follow me on Instagram might know, but currently I have an eye condition that makes me see double,” Jung said. “Right now, everyone in this room, I’m seeing double of everything. I have double vision. It’s not huge, major surgery, but is still gonna take about a couple, three months to recover.”

So we’ll just have to see.

Another fighter that got a bonus tonight was Dooho Choi. He won the “Fight of the Night” bonus with Charles Jourdain but unlike Jung, he was on the losing end. The fight didn’t go longer than two rounds but in that time the two men beat the crap out of each other in a barn burner. But Jourdain got the last word in when he dropped him with a two-punch combo and finished him on the ground.

It was a good night for the Korean fighters. Seven stepped into the octagon and five won.

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