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Korean rapper “Black Nut” convicted of sexually insulting female rapper

First of all, the most important thing to know about this story is that there is a rapper in Korea named “Black Nut.” Not “Yellow Nut” but “Black Nut.” Second, this guy just got hit with a suspended imprisonment sentence for song lyrics. Black Nut aka Kim Dae Woong when he isn’t on the mic was slapped upside down by the Korean Supreme Court, reports The Korea Times. Late last year, he was convicted of defamation for slandering female rapper “KittiB” aka Kim Bo Mi by the lower court. He appealed the decision and took it all the way to the top dog court but he lost.

So what did Black Nut say about KittiB that got him in all this trouble? He said that he wanted to masturbate to her and then not have sex with her.

In Black Nut’s 2016 song “Indigo Child,” he dropped, “I’ll be honest. I jacked off to KittiB’s pictures, but that was before “Unpretty Rapstar”.”

In 2017, in “Too Real,” Mr. Nut said, “I’m laying down 2017 ready to f**k a girl worth masturbating to, but this time it isn’t KittiB.”

But his greatest diss might have been raping that he wouldn’t f**k her even for free.

“I wouldn’t f**k KittiB if she was given to me for free.”

Besides the rap lyrics, Nut went on stage and made defamatory remarks against KittiB four times during 2016 and 2017.

KittiB retaliated in 2017 by filing a complaint against Nut and sued him. She said she was “stressed and traumatized” by the lyrics.

Nut mounted a defense that controversial lyrics in Hip Hop should be accepted. But the lower and supreme court did not see it that way.

For his rap lyrics, Black Nut was sentenced to six months in prison but suspended for two years. Additionally, he was ordered to 160 hours of social service.

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