the crew restaurant owners Go Myoung Suk and Jong Su Kim
Gofundme/Dion Lim

Korean American restaurant “The Crew” robbed in San Francisco

A Korean immigrant family’s restaurant in the Sunset district in San Francisco was robbed in the morning of January 15th. A suspect broke into “The Crew” around 6:30 am and stole $10,000 in valuables, according to ABC News reporter Dion Lim. The owners, Go Young Suk and Jong Su Kim said they were “so defeated” by the robbery.

Their daughter, Esther told Dion Lim, “This burglary has played a huge toll on my parent’s mental and physical wellbeing as we are constantly afraid that we will be targeted again.”

According to a Gofundme set up by Esther, the suspect “stole all of the cash in the restaurant amounting to thousands of dollars, our 5 tablets and 2 iPad Pros that we use for delivery and payment, checkbooks, our toolbox, and cashable checks. Above all, the most devastating aspect is that he stole all of our legal and personal documents and files. This includes personal documents that prove our legal status, our social security cards/numbers, banking information, usernames and passwords, important keepsakes such as irreplaceable pictures and diplomas, information that disclosed our address and contact information, receipts, and vital documents needed to properly run the restaurant.”

The Kim family moved from South Korea to America in 2001. After working and saving money, the couple was able to open their own restaurant selling authentic Korean food in 2014. “The Crew” like all other small businesses has been devastated by the pandemic. Now the family has to deal with the robbery on top of that.

We plan to use the immediate donations to replace our tablets and iPads in order to conduct business as usual,” Esther said. “Additionally, we need to recover our legal and personal documents, invest in higher-grade security with an upgraded alarm system and cameras, pay for rent, and set up a commercial security gate outside and/or inside of our restaurant so that my parents can continue running our business without fearing for a repeated offense. 

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