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Korean actress Jeon Mi-Seon found dead

South Korean actress Jeon Mi-Seon was found dead on Saturday in what police believe is an apparent suicide, reports Variety. The actress is best known for her roles in “Love is a Crazy Thing,” “Mother,” and “Memories of Murder.” She was 48-years-old.

Jeon had been missing for two days before her manager called for help. Her manager said that she had been suffering from depression.

“The late Jeon Mi-Seon had received treatments for her depression,” Jeon’s agency Boas Entertainment said in a statement. “We regret that we bring sad tidings.”

The police found Jeon Mi-Seon at a hotel in Jeonju, South Korea. The media reported that she hung herself in the bathroom of her hotel. The police said that she had checked into the hotel two days ago. There were no signs of forced entry but there was no suicide note. They confirmed that she had died but are still investigating the cause.

“It seems Jeon has been largely depressed as she recently lost a family member while her mother has been ill in bed,” the police said.

Jeon was last seen in public on Wednesday in Seoul. She was out promoting her latest film “The King’s Letters.” In the movie, she plays Soheon Hwanghu, Queen to King Sejong, who is played by Song Kang-Ho.

According to IMDB, she is survived by her two children and her husband, Park Sang-Hoon.

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