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Kim Jung Un is alive

It seems North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is alive and kicking after many speculated that he passed away. According to the Washington Post, South Korean newspaper Yonhap News Agency reported that Kim was reported to be alive by North Korean state radio. This comes after Kim had been missing for 20 days from the public eye.

The state radio said that Kim visited “Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory” on Friday. Kim was accompanied by his sister Kim Yo Jong and other North Korean officials in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the fertilizer factory. However, this hasn’t been independently confirmed.

North Korean radio said Kim was met with “thunderous applause” for “bringing new changes in advancement of the fertilizer industry.”

“Our beloved and respected Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un appeared at the building completion ceremony and cut the ribbon himself,” the radio said.

Additionally, he was praised for making the country a “stronger self-reliant economy.”

There have been reports of Kim’s demise ever since he was not seen celebrating the “Day of the Sun” holiday on April 15. The holiday is the most important day of the year in North Korea. It celebrates the country’s founder and Jung Un’s grandfather Kim Il Sung. North Korean state media always released photos of Kim attending a ceremony for the “Day of the Sun” in the past years. But pictures of Kim were not shown and because of Kim’s alleged poor health, speculations ran wild.

This caused a South Korean newspaper run by North Korean refugees to announce that Kim had heart surgery. Other newspapers ran with it and the rumors took off. Some said he died, while others said he was in a vegetative state. Some even said that Kim might be missing because he didn’t want to catch the coronavirus.

However, the South Korean government said they did not see any unusual activity. Additionally, Chung-in Moon, the foreign advisor to South Korea’s president, said that the government position was that Kim Jung Un is alive.

Since these days one needs pics or it didn’t happen, check out the pictures of a smiling Kim at Yonhap news.

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