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Junior high school Student wins video game tournament but can’t keep prize money

After you win a gaming tournament you expect to get paid. That’s the point of prize money. All those hours of practice finally pay off in the literal sense. But what happens when you’re too young to collect the prize? That’s what happened to Japanese junior high school student Yuwa, reports Kotaku. He won the Puzzle and Dragons tournament but the organizers kept the money from him because he didn’t have the right license.

The top prize in the tournament was $46, 205, which is a nice chunk of change for any junior high schooler. But in Japan, to collect the money, one needs a pro-gaming license. According to Japan’s pro-gaming license system, anybody between the ages of 13 – 15 can only acquire a junior license. So Yuwa has to forfeit any prize money even though he came out on top. However, he did get a trophy, a year’s supply of chocolate almonds and Real Gold Dragon Boost energy drink, and a gaming headset.

Well, that sucks! All those hours practicing and no prize money at the end. However, Yuwa didn’t seem to down as he tweeted, “I received honor instead of money.” Ah, that silly youth talking. That $46,205 would have gone a long way and helped purchase a ton of video games.

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