ryoichi fuseya
Santa Clara Sherrif's Office

Japanese national charged with murdering girlfriend at San Jose Airbnb

A Japanese national was arraigned on Friday in the Santa Clara County Superior Court on one count of murder with a weapon enhancement for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Yuiko Takaoka. According to Kron 4, 25-year-old Ryoichi Fuseya temporarily waved his right to an interpreter in court because none was available at the time. Fuseya only speaks Japanese according to the police.

The victim’s body was found by police during a general welfare check inside a San Jose Airbnb rental home on Tuesday around 4 pm, reports The Sacramento Bee. Police received a tip there was a dead body inside. They found Takaoka’s body covered under blood-soaked blankets and a bloody knife nearby. Her car was missing and police found it at Fuseya’s mother’s home. Fuseya was arrested on Wednesday.

“So it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship from what we know,” District Attorney Carlos Vega said, reports Kron 4. “There was a call from a reporting person that indicated that perhaps a homicide had occurred at an address. The officers got that call, units were sent out.

“It turned out to be a back house. The front house was the landlord who allowed them to enter to do a general welfare check. At that point, a body was discovered on the bed.

“The victim suffered a major contusion underneath her chin. The wounds went upward. As a result, that was the reason why she passed. At this point, the case is ongoing.”

The police have not released a motive for the crime. Ryoichi Fuseya is being held at the Santa Clara County Jail without bail.

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