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Japanese model shows you how to make face mask with bra

Face masks are hard to come by these days as people are buying them up because of the coronavirus outbreak. Stores can’t keep them in stock and if one can find them they’re usually marked up. So what is one to do if one wants to wear a face mask in public but can’t get their hands on one? Well, if you have a bra, Japanese model Yumeno Asahina will show you how to make one.

Asahina went on Twitter to explain how to create a bra face mask if one is desperate, reports Japan Today. One just needs to take the bra apart and sew the laces onto a cup.

Now, Asahina was half-joking but she did say she would use her invention in a pinch. She said that the bra face mask was comfortable and breathable like a real face mask. As for its effectiveness, who knows? But it’s got to be better than nothing.

Her tweets went viral with many having a good laugh. However, some men said that they don’t have bras and asked what they should do. To which Asahina told them to get one from their mother. Hopefully, this won’t lead to a bra shortage or a lot of mothers wondering where their bras went.

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